Archer Hero: Battle Master

Welcome to the world of gunfire magic! The high randomness of each game, each game is a different experience!
Game features:
1. Crisis hidden everywhere! Gorgeous skills, as many as dozens of skills are randomly obtained, powerful power to help you defeat the enemy!

2. Pick up props in battle! Strengthen them and let you live better!
3. A variety of random props, reasonable use of randomly generated props in the scene, causing huge damage to the enemy!
4. The randomness is extremely high, each game will bring a new experience!
Commander, can you shoulder the burden of saving this continent? .



To design aesthetical products with the “save our environment theme”

These surreal sea mammals inspire us to make our work transcend cultural and language boundaries. Street art is the most controversial form of art today. Globalization and internet have taken this to another level. No longer perceive as something one can only find in the dark alley. We can only look at it as a platform used by people from main street to express their feelings and thoughts. Our creative artists have other ideas.................


Young street artists are the cornerstones of this creative endeavour.


People from all walks of life appreciate these images of subtle and insightful interpretations of "the irony of life". We want to bring the plight of Pink Dolphins to the eyes of people in the world. They are threatened by marine traffic, depletion of fish stocks for food due to overfishing by human beings and water pollutions created by various industries.

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